This is the Services page to describe about Ms.Pushpa's services provided in the above mentioned categories. Her inspiration and passionate towards social services lead her to contribute on these services and she will continue to do them. She is a one of the great inspiration for women and community to join our hands together for the help that brings in change to the society.

Anchoring and events by her:

Ms.Pushpa has performed anchoring for the various events such as birthday parties, Mysore Dasara program, family functions, in the school's cultural programs, in hotel & restaurant events, in the events of some of the corporate companies in the Bangalore too, in the child welfare event in the Cubbon Park, Bangalore, in the school events and many other events in the past and she will continue to perform anchoring and events.

Involved in managing the activities and anchoring for workshops and story telling and other fun filled activities in the localities such as Karanataka Chitrakala Parishath, Ravindra Kalakshetra during the celebration of its 50 years, Bangalore. In many other places such as Srinidhi Arts and Crafts Foundation.

Additional information about her anchoring and events can be found at this link.

Blood donations:

Ms.Pushpa has been working on arranging for the blood donations for few years whenever she gets a request for the arrangement of the blood requirements.

Re. the blood donation arrangements by her and more information on them, please visit #womenblooddonors and #wearrangeblood for more info. You can also contact her from Twitter or Facebook for the arrangements and requirements of the blood donations and donors.

If you are willing to contribute or donate blood, please fill the contact-us form and mention your name, location and blood group in the Message box/field. We will get back to you for the further step.


Award from President of India

Nari Shakthi Puraskar Award


Scribe by Ms.Pushpa

One of the news paper article



Ms.Pushpa anchoring in an event

Above images are the example of some of the works and services by Ms.Pushpa, When images are hovered we can visit the links for more information and details on her works. Pushpa has received awards such as Karunada Nakshathra from TV9 media channel in the year 2018 and Nari Shakthi Puraskar award shown in the video above. Pushpa has also awarded with the Shoorveer award in 2019.


Ms.Pushpa has been providing the scribe services for many years, please visit scribe services by her for the latest information and in the past she has been doing them and she will continue to to do them. Her inspiration and passion has been driving her to giving back to the community and the humanity.

Along with the Social media and TV channels, Indian news paper and digital media have described about Pushpa's contribution, dedication and service towards scribing she has been providing since 2007. To know further more about Pushpa's exam services, please visit the news paper media which are Logical Indian, The New Indian Express and The Better India. One of them will share their experience they had with Ms.Pushpa, for the exam service in this news paper article.

Another article on Pushpa Preeya (Ms. Pushpa Nagaraj M) is described in the CS Monitor online article, in which people have shared their experiences working with Pushpa.

In addition to the above videos, she has been appeared in the TV channel Colors Kannada describing her exams services she has been doing since more than a decade.

Pusha has also participated in the TedX talk about the scribe services in 2019.

Ms.Pushpa Preeya has been continued to contribute in these services and she feels very good when she does these services. She has scribed for 700 and plus exams covering various degrees such as SSLC, MSc, MCom, BCom, Engineering, Law, Pre-University and Banking exams.

She started to do scribe exams in 2007 for the different disabled people to help them to complete their graduation, during the incidents in her young age and family difficulties, she was offered help from the community people, which drove her to give back to the society which helps hundreds of people. This is the video she has explained further more information about scribing services she has been undertaking. She has written 700+ exams.

She also writes exams in different languages such as English, Kannada and Hindi. She travels across the state to write exams. This video illustrates Pushpa's contribution on writing exams in the different languages. Other YouTube and TV channels media talking about her services in this video.

If you are willing to volunteer for a scribe service, please message on the number or email or fill the form, you will get a response for the next step. In the below video Pushpa talks about the scribe services on how it will be.

Community Services & Donations:

Ms.Pushpa and volunteers have recently contributed on donating the groceries to the community and elderly people. Below are the video that they have visited to the location for the donation.

If you are willing to contribute/donate or volunteer, please fill the contact-us form with the brief in the Message box/field. We will get back to you for the further step.

Highlights of Awards & Achievements by Ms.Pushpa

Videos - Ms.Pushpa has received Nari Shakthi Puraskar award from India's President Mr.Ram Nath Kovind in 2018 followed by the greetings with the honourable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

Ms. Pushpa also receives The Shoorveer Award, which has been published in this video.

She has been interviewed in the FM Radio station 91.1, below are the audio clips where Pushpa has been spoken about services she has been doing.

These audio clips of the program Shahbhash Bengaluru in 91.1FM Radio channel, Pushpa talks about the services she is doing on scribe and blood donation. She has been honoured with Presidence award. Now she writes exams all over India.

Award receivings by Ms. Pushpa also been published in the video of YouTube channel.

To know more about Pushpa, visit Biography page.