About Ms.Pushpa Preeya:

It's a honour to introduce Ms Pushpa who is inspirational and providing the services, described in the Services page for further information.
She is a professional worked with the software company who is also a passionate about providing her current services to the community and the needy.
She was chosen as one of the jury member for the women entrepreneurial event by the Vridhi Women Entrepreneurs team in 2019.
Ms. Pushpa also does anchoring and event management. She has been working on the events such as birthday parties, corporate events and community & social events.


In the above photo, Pushpa performing talk during one of the event.

Women have always been excelling and working hard despite difficulties in society. They are working in all sphere to make life better for us - at homes, at schools and some also in various organisations who devote themselves to the betterment of the underprivileged. And one such fine example of someone who fought for everything and made an inspirational life for us to learn from - N.M. Pushpa Preeya. She is an amazing and passionate social worker who works for the benefits of specially challenged students which includes those who are deaf, dumb, blind or suffer from down's syndrome and cerebral palsy along with helpless women and pangender people. She has been an examination scribe for more than 1000 students who are visually impaired and have been facilitated by our President in 2019 for social and developmental work for children and women welfare on the International Women's Day. Her work as a scribe for the specially-abled is encouraging and her dedication to supporting them is awe-inspiring. She is also a TEDx speaker.

She believes her to be the ear, eye and hand for these disabled children who can't write their own examinations for various reason. She works for people in general with cerebral palsy, down's syndrome, visually impaired, dumb and deaf students and anybody who genuinely needs help. She believes that there is no need to sympathise with them and pity them because this mercy is not going to help people stand independently so what is required is creating employment opportunities for them. A kind soul - Ms Pushpa Preeya works with various organisations and engages in lots of voluntary work to support the underprivileged. Her aim is to showcase the world, the skills they possess instead of her effort, she strongly thinks that she is helping them to stand on their own feet with heads held high.

Video with the brief introduction about Ms. Pushpa.

Hailing forms a very low-income background, she and her brother had dropped out many times for their education during elementary and secondary years. They worked part-time odd jobs during summer vacations to pay their fees, various other medical requirement and other essentials. Her mother, whom she considers to be her inspiration has worked to bones to support their family. Ms. Pushpa Preeya started doing work when she was just 15 years old and worked hard for her education. She completed her diploma in computer and worked in an IT firm. Starting from a position of the receptionist to the level of a project co-ordinator, she is well versed with corporational politics but stopped working as she believed she was not made for this ruthless world. She feels people will go against you at all steps and oppose you but one should concentrate on themselves, their dreams instead of looking for their validation.

She works for transgenders, jobless and stranded women and especially able who are looking for jobs but don't find one and even if they do - it does not lay well enough. She strongly opposes the concept of NGOs though everybody supports it. She advocates that though there are some truly working institutes most are just showcases where the needed are only showcased for endorsement instead of actually helped.


This was another event - ms. Pushpa presenting the talk.

Her late elder brother has been the solid backer and support system of her life and losing him was a great setback. But working and striving for a dream to make him and her mother proud is her motive. She always carries extra food box with her every day so that she can help the needy ones. She was recognised making the top 40,000 welfare activities done for hum a pity in India by the book published by The Vision of Antyodaya" on Wednesday, 12 February, 2020 between 3:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Conference Hall, Vice President’s House, The embarked upon journey saw a collection of 927 practices out of which 408 were documented as best practices from various states and the remotest of areas. With the collective effort of about 60 Antyodaya fellows on field; 150 social institutions and mentors; 50 ISRN team members this study saw its transformation from a proposal to a full-fledged pool of knowledge.

She believes the biggest success of her life is seeing those she helped stand straight in society and independent with working jobs.

She constantly works for students so that complete their education occasionally helping them to write a paper, support their groceries and tuition fees. She has metamorphosed to an inspirational social worker even after suffering from a very trying and difficult life. Having her brother with her when she received recognition from the President at Rashtrapati Bhavan was a high point in her life.

Honour from the TV9 channel - Karunada Nakshatra Award from Ms.Pushpa

She is now working for a startup as she opposes the idea of NGO and prefers to give recognition to these disadvantaged people. She is currently trying to get a sanction from the government for the allocation of land and 150 cows so that she can create a facility to train the specially-abled, visually impaired, discriminated pangender people, dumb, deaf and people who are affected by down's syndrome and cerebral palsy there. She wishes to generate employment opportunities for 100 such people. She will dedicate the 75% income generated from a cow allotted to a person as there earning and rest 25% for the administration. This is her goal which is she looking forward to starting with.

Ms Pushpa Preeya works in blood donation campaigns and aids to people who require help to thrive in the society. She has first-hand observed drastic conditions were meeting the ends is difficult and from there she has persevered to reach the top - where she can stand as an ideal citizen contributing to the nation. She says that one should work tirelessly to prove those wrong who stopped you but never stoop to their levels but show them where you are now with your work. There will be many who will condemn and criticise you, but one has to bear it to grow and that is what societal pressures are.
They expect you to become great, yet they discriminate and stop you at every step possible may be due to jealousy towards your potential success. So don't think about what others say just focus on your dreams and aims - gratifying yourself is enough.

Ms Pushpa Preeya is now pursuing a Bachelors in Social Work and is a prime example of someone who worked hard with bold and sweat to reach at the top, without forgetting her roots. She has a compassionate heart to constantly help those are underprivileged and need to help them achieve their true potential. Her main driving cause is herself as she slowly worked hard without any help to where she is today. She believes that a little help to the disadvantaged and underprivileged will make the world a better place for them. So that they can also be respectable, earning members of society. And she is just lending them a hand to get started.

The biggest challenge is that most graduates who are specially-challenged don't get a good job in any firms or government organisations without excelling. And even if they get it is generally a low-paid one. So she aims for improving this situation. Her work as a scribe for these visually impaired children and other challenged students is impressive and greatly motivational.

She also goes to organisations and seminars for speeches and seeks finds for the success of her start-up dream. Nari Shakti Pushkar recipient Ms Pushpa Preeya started this voluntary scribe work when questioning children from a special school nearby about how they write examinations. And on chance, a student asked for her help and thus started her journey towards this scribing work with a group of individuals who help students during exams and volunteer for scribing. They try to fulfil all requests but still every time they are short of people. This group involves many students, white-collar workers, housewives, IT workers and many people who are working for the welfare of society ranging from different backgrounds.

Her work is truly inspirational and heart-warming at the same time. Her life journey is just like a lesson that if one strives and tries hard enough they can make it done. Continuing her studies along with working jobs in correspondence and dropping many times for financial crisis, she still did it and again proved that talent and compassion will showcase and exhibit itself even from the direst situations.

She continues to work in this welfare work and thinks patience is the key to understand them and what is important is recognition then monetary support or sympathy. Employment opportunities and chance to actually prove themselves is something that is the most important thing which is lacking in any NGO or organisations' work for specially challenged.
People don't understand that this emotional feeling and kindness is not going to let them fill their bellies what they need is jobs that pay well and respects them as individuals.

Many women are working hard as their life's only motive for making the world a better space for living and one such is Ms Pushpa Preeya. Her dedication and constant effort for the specially challenged people discriminated and stranded individuals who we label as weaker and underprivileged is commendable and awe-inspiring. It struck the chords of our heart seeing the amount of struggle she withstands for their lives. We respect and admire such social work and there is still hope left for humanity in society for this excellent examples of compassionate endeavours undertaken by people.