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Image on the left side is the certificate of participation awarded to Pushpa on the occasion of the webinar named 'NARI' was broadcasted in the YouTube on June 2020.

Pushpa was one of the presenter during this webinar NARI. It was a great platform and a pleasure to participate and Pusha presented projects about her start-ups and her speeches were motivational talk about creating employability and employment opportunities for the specially-abled people to provide them employment to earn their living and to be respectful in the community and society.

Insights about her start-ups were presented to audiences and co-presenters in the webinar by Ms. Pushpa.

Below are the screenshots of presentation and talks given by her about the start-ups, Pushpa has been working on. Some of the screenshots below are examples of Pushpa scribing for the specially-abled people. And the final screen shot, explains the statistics of how many exams she has scribed year-wise and for which degree or qualification.


Pushpa's project 1

Diary farming


Pushpa's project 1

Diary farming


Pushpa's project 2

Organic Soaps


Scribe by Ms. Pushpa

Ms.Pushpa writing exams


Scribe by Ms. Pushpa

Categories for Scribe


Statistics of Number of Exams

Year-wise Exams count by Ms.Pushpa


Further reading about Ms.Pushpa's scribe service

Digital articles

Ms.Pushpa's has been providing scribe services for more than a decade and she has been inspirational and motivational in writing the exams for specially-abled people.

To read further about the scribe service, has been provided by her are described in some of the e-articles on the right side.


Some of the videos on Ms. Pushpa's services

Video Of Receiving Award

Receival of award from President of India

Presenting Speech

Ms. Pushpa talking about organization

Interview Video

Interview with Ms. Pushpa

To know further about the services offered by Ms. Pushpa and team, read the Services page. To discuss about these services and for volunteering, you can fill the Contact Form, Ms. Pushpa will contact you at the earliest.