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Ms.Pushpa provides Scribe services, arrangements for blood donation, services for elders

Glympse about our Start-Up

By who and how our Start-Up evolving!

We offer great services and more

We are self-motivated and passion about offering social services such as Scribe and Blood donations for the community and well-being. Our founder Ms.Pushpa Preeya and her passion about initiated to evolve for what we are today. She thrives to make these happen bigger and we are passion about extending our platform to support women and entrepreneurs.
She has performed anchoring in several events and provides related services.

Today's growing support happening through the word-of-mouth by the kind-hearts and our digital media such as Facebook, Twitter and News Papers. You can visit our Services section if you are interested and motivated to know about previous and recent activities by our founder.

Visit our founder's Biography if you are interested to know more.

Highlights of Our Services

Below are the services we provide!


Our founder provides Scribing services for visually impaired, affected by mental illness, physically disabled. Read Scribe services heading for more info.

Blood donations

She also arranges for the blood donations and provided this facilities in the past and from her early years. Read Blood donations heading for more info.

Events & Anchoring

Ms.Pushpa also does events management and anchoring. She has been done for the events. Read Anchoring & events heading for more info.

Community services

We offer community based services such as libraries, care taking services for elderly, supported by our volunteers who willing to give back to society for the good cause.


Offers consultations, based on the one-to-one requirements w.r.t. the volunteer works and advises required for the scribe and start-up services.

More to come

All our approaches are eco-friendly and tailored to suit each individuals which fulfills their needs and affordability and also for the elderly services

Recent Activities and Works by Ms.Pushpa

Below are the glympse of her recent works. Click on Services to know more.

During the award ceremony of Nari Shakthi puraskar from President of India - Mr.Ram Nath Kovind, Ms.Pushpa's another honourable moment to meet Prime Minister of India - Mr.Narendra Modi are as below.


Feedback regarding the services from Ms.Pushpa by colleagues and clients. And being inspirational & motivational for many to step forward for the well-being of each other in the society. Ms.Pushpa receives offerings from the many who willing to offer the help for services she is offering.

Harshitha Chiranjeevi

United Kingdom
Great help: It is so glad, privileged and honoured to speak about my experience with Pushpa, has been very helpful for me in few ways. We got connected through one of the scribers group. She has been voluntarily helping thousands of visually impaired as a scribe. She has also been taking part in other social activities and helping our society in many ways..


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